Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Tutoring

With the advancements of online technology in the last twenty years, online tutoring has become a popular method of studying and helping students understand their lessons better. Long gone are the days where children suffered when it comes to homework that they simply don’t understand. With online tutoring the options for helping your child in a way that uniform classrooms lessons cannot be endlessly vast. But of course all good things also have a side of somewhat disadvantages, we will refer to and mention both sides of having choosing an online tutor/tutoring service.

Advantages of choosing an online tutor

Along with the special and individual attention, your child will receive online tutoring services have proven to be flexible in the times and days your child is available. As opposed to independent tutors online tutors can be free or purchased at a low cost whereas individual tutors may expect a higher sum of money. Certain subjects such as Maths tutor Mosman involves enjoyable and interactive games to help students better understand the subject and its topics. This interactive learning environment may be what your child needs for a difference from their day to day uniform classrooms.

Disadvantages of online tutors

Like all good things tutoring also has a negative side to it unlike having a face to face teacher some children may choose not to pay attention to a computer screen giving instructions, they may require practical interactive teaching this also comes down to if the child is burdened with issues such as ADHD (Attention Deficiency hyperactive disorder) The child may experience the inability to pay attention to a computer screen and may need face to face care and empathetic interaction. This also proves to be a larger issue at hand when it comes to chemistry tutor Frenches Forest Sydney where similar cases have taken place.There have also been some issues where the tutor has not been able to communicate in proper English in order to teach the child putting both the child and teacher in a difficult situation as the tutor parents and child will not meet face to face and will only have a virtual connection the tutor will have a limited understanding of the child behaviour some intellectual capabilities. Although flexible the tutors may rotate and the next tutor will not have a better understanding of the child’s capabilities after only picking up on half of it. Despite these issues, online tutoring has opened up a whole new vast world of education for children everywhere it has been proved to be the second alternative for home school children and those that simply find it difficult to keep up in school.