How To Quit Smoking In 5 Easy Steps

Quit Smoking

So, you’ve decided to quit smoking in Brisbane. If that’s the case, then congrats! You’re already way ahead of the game. The key is preparation—and we’ve got five easy steps to get you started:

Step 1: Prepare Your Quit Smoking Timeline

Set up a support system – this could include friends/family members who are willing to help you through this process by providing encouragement, moral support and possibly even rewards for completing specific milestones throughout your journey (i.e., “for every day that I don’t smoke a cigarette, I’ll treat myself to something special”).

Take care of yourself physically by eating healthy foods and getting plenty of rest each night. Intense cravings can occur at random times during the day so be sure to always have plenty of healthy snacks on-hand (i.e., applesauce packets). If you feel lightheaded or dizzy after eating something sugary or salty then try drinking water instead until those feelings go away; if they don’t subside within 15 minutes, then seek medical attention immediately!

Make plans with friends who don’t smoke so they can hang out with you instead while in public places such as restaurants or bars where there may not be designated areas set aside specifically designed for smokers only like there used to back when these establishments were still legal places where people could light up an entire pack during lunch break without hesitation.

Step 2: Prepare Your Mental Game Plan

Now that you have made the decision to quit smoking, it is important to prepare yourself mentally.

There are many things that can help with this process. Setting a quit date and writing down how long it has been since then can help remind you of each milestone along the way (i.e., one month, six months). If possible, try setting aside some time every day or week where you reflect on how far along into the process you’ve come—and remember why it’s worth sticking with!

Step 3: Prepare Your Physical Game Plan

Now, let’s talk about what you should do immediately before quitting smoking:

  • Get rid of all your cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays. You can’t smoke without them!
  • Set a date for quitting smoking. Choose a day before or after any special events you will be attending e.g., weddings).
  • Set a time for quitting smoking. Once again, choosing an earlier morning is preferable but not necessary if that doesn’t work well with your schedule.* Pick one place in which you will never smoke again—this could be anywhere from inside the house all the way up to outside during a walk around town.* Make sure you have enough money saved up so that cravings don’t affect your finances too much.* Plan out exactly where and when each craving will hit throughout the day so that they don’t catch anyone off guard (e.g., 9am: first cigarette break at work; 11am: second cigarette break at work).

Step 4: Prepare your Social Game Plan

This is where you can get a little creative and have fun with it. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out our game plan ideas below:

  • Have a party! Invite all your friends over for a big celebration when the time comes to quit smoking. Make it something special, like an ice cream sundae bar or potluck dinner where everyone brings their favorite dish and eats lots of good food.
  • Get together with other people who want to quit smoking at the same time as well; this will help keep each other accountable and provide support during those tough days. A great way to do this is by finding an online community dedicated to quitting smoking where people regularly interact both in real life (IRL) and virtually online through forums, chat rooms, videos etc… An example would be joining our Facebook Group!
  • Talk about how much better things will be once you’ve kicked the habit for good!

Step 5: Get Support and Talk About It

The last step is to talk about it. If you haven’t already, find a friend who is also trying to quit smoking. Talk about your progress and share tips and tricks that have worked for you. Share stories about how you are feeling—whether that’s in a good way or not so much! It can be helpful to just get things out in the open, so people know what stage you’re at with quitting smoking. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask someone else for their support!